Great holiday just in travel

Great holiday just in travel

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Great place to visit

Great place to visit

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Guide to Maui For A Budget

unduhan-3If visiting Maui is your dream vacation, rest assured–you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a trip there. With these tips, you can stay within your budget even as you’re living it up on this fun, friendly island.



It’s necessary to rent a car in Maui, but you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Rent an economy car–not only is the rental fee cheaper, you’ll get better gas mileage, too. You can search for the best prices at, and some American Express cards offer further discounts on rental insurance. Also, be sure to check with your auto insurance carrier at home to see if it covers rental cars.


The off-season and shoulder seasons in Maui are April to May and September to October. Airfare and hotels tend to be cheaper. And for an added perk, it won’t be as crowded. For the best rates on hotels, we always check first.


How to Pack on a Road Trip


Use duffle bags for most of your luggage—it’s easier to stack and squeeze soft bags into any car arrangement that you need. If you’re stopping overnight, pack one bag with sleep essentials and next-day clothes so it’s compact and ready to go. You can use a soft, wheeled suitcase for this if you have a lot of people. Finally, each person can keep a small bag — like a tote or backpack — next to their own seats for easily-accessible snacks and activities.

  • We use this duffle bag on our road trips–it’s compact, has several pockets for easy organization, and it’s even slash-proof. This slightly larger duffle bag is great for longer trips or two people who like to keep it simple and share one bag.
  • This insulated tote bag doubles as an ice chest and it folds up nicely when not in use.
  • Daypacks are a must if you want to get out and hike during your journey. We usethis small daypack which has an internal padded sleeve for a 3L hydration bladder.


Wear clothes that

Great Place to Visit in Europe This Summer

images-4One of the most amazing things about traveling in Europe is how incredibly easy it is to get around. That’s why the “whirlwind European adventure” is still such a classic for summer travel. With so much to see and do, a summer trip through top European destinations is a new experience every time you go.

Contiki has recently announced their “Bag Tag” contest, allowing U.S. residents the chance to win a bunch of really cool prizes including a Sony Alpha a6000, iPad Mini 3, GoPro Hero4, and even a free European vacation! All you have to do is guess on social media which fun-packed travel bag is going on which of their amazing European tour packages to be entered to win.

(Note: The Contiki “Bag Tag” contest is only for U.S. residents – anyone outside of the US that clicks on the landing page will be sent to a “Bag Tag” quiz to find out which Contiki bag best identifies them.)

After just returning from a trip to the Mediterranean and as a lover of sun-kissed beaches, I personally love Bag #6.

Getting the Best Rates on Accomodation

Vacations can cost a lot of money, which might be discouraging to some. Still, a few tried-and-true hotel booking tricks can help you get the best price possible. With these tips, you’ll be spending less money on hotels and freeing up funds for other parts of your trip — or even the next one!



Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there are more ways than ever to compare prices directly. While you could check with each hotel’s website and compare them, you could also make use of sites such as, Kayak, Travel Ticker, or any of the countless others that will do that work for you. This way, you’ll be able to see hotels that offer similar experiences but at different price points, letting you make the most budget-conscious choice. You can search for specifics too, like a pet-friendly hotel or an indoor pool.


While comparison sites can offer great deals, the only real way to know that you’re getting the best deal is by contacting the

Things to do in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is gorgeous year-round, but winter is truly a magical time to visit. If you are looking to get away from the crowds and explore the outdoors in the snow, then this is the place for you!

I visited during January to experience Jasper in January’s Winterstruck festival on Pyramid Lake. In addition to this festival, you’ll find discounts on hotels and activities during the month of January, so if you are a budget-conscious traveler, it’s the perfect time to visit.

From ice walks in Maligne Canyon to dogsledding on frozen lakes, here are the top ten winter activities in Jasper.



After growing up in Northern California, I was not prepared for the soft, powdery snow and uncrowded runs at Marmot Basin in Jasper. The closest international airport is 3-4 hours away from Jasper, so this keeps this mountain from being too crowded.

You can catch a shuttle from any hotel in Jasper to Marmot Basin and it’s just a quick 25-30 minute ride to the base of the mountain. In January, they also offer 25% off

The Guide to Cabo, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo make up “Los Cabos,” a resort corridor with exclusive beaches, preserved natural spaces, and an adventurous nightlife. If you’re planning a trip to this luxury destination (and you should!), here’s everything you need to know to get started:


Typically, it’s easiest to fly into the Los Cabos airport (SJD) unless you are already in Mexico. Some hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport, but to really see the best of Cabo, you’ll want to rent a car. We have found the best rental car prices, which searches all of the rental car agencies.

Keep in mind that liability insurance is mandatory when renting a car in Mexico. Loss Damage Wavier (or collision damage) is not mandatory, but before you decline this insurance, make sure your auto insurance or credit card insurance will cover you in Mexico.

If your hotel does not offer shuttle service and you do not want to rent a car, Transcabo offers airport shuttle service starting at $29 USD per person. If you are adventurous and on a very tight budget, it is possible to take the

Tips for Winter Trip in Canada

Traveling to Canada in the winter should not be overlooked just because of the climate. With the right gear, you can stay warm and toasty in almost all weather conditions. I’ve had to learn the art of layering and after hours of research — as well as some trial and error — I’ve come up with the perfect winter packing list.

I was able to test out my new gear in Jasper National Park last month and I’m happy to report that I stayed warm and dry — even in negative temperatures. If you are planning a winter trip to Canada, you’ll want to keep these packing and layering tips in mind before you leave on your adventure.



I cannot stress how important it is to invest in quality base layers. The best material for base layers is either merino wool or synthetic materials such as polyester, polyethylene, and microfiber-based fabrics. Icebreaker’s clothing is expensive because they use merino wool, but I look at these pieces of clothing as an investment. I won’t have to buy them again for many years.

You can

Beauty View of Traveling

Even though this blog began with stories about our travel adventures as a couple, more often than not, I’ve traveled to dozens of destinations as a solo woman.

I have written about the subject of solo travel quite often on this blog — with posts likeTop 10 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers, Travel Tips for the Solo Adventurer, andThings I’ve Learned from Traveling Solo — but as a photographer at heart, I wanted to show the beauty of solo travel with a fun series of artistic images.

The inspiration behind this photo series began with a Disney-themed party hosted by a friend of ours. At her request, I would be Cinderella for the evening. I found a gorgeous costume online at a huge discount.

For anybody who knows me, I am not the type to spend extravagant amounts of money on costumes — I rarely even dress up for Halloween — but this dress was too inexpensive to pass up.

I wore the costume to the party and felt like a princess the entire night. I’m not kidding; I wish every woman could wear a Cinderella costume once in her life.

As someone who

Gorgeous Destinations Must be Visit

Planning a successful trip can be time consuming; once you decide where you want to go there’s scheduling the time away, saving up, choosing your attractions, finding transportation, and booking a hotel. One of the most helpful planning tools many people have used for a long time, including myself, has been TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a great resource for reading reviews and comparing prices — and now booking!

I use TripAdvisor to research hotels and it’s one of the first places I go to read reviews, so when they approached us about sharing this new booking feature, I was happy to hear the news! TripAdvisor’s new ability to book hotels directly through their site is fantastic, blending trip researching, planning, price comparison, and booking all into one resource.


To help kick off this new feature, TripAdvisor is hosting a travel giveaway! Their#BookToWin Trip-A-Day Giveaway is a great opportunity to win some extra spending money for your 2016 trip. Every day between March 1st to March 31st, 2016, 31 winners from every day in the month of March will receive $1,500 towards their next trip booked on TripAdvisor, and 1 grand prize winner will receive $15,000 towards a

Affordable Island That You Can Choose

As we head into the month of April, we follow yet another turn of winter melting into spring. Whether you’re celebrating the return of the sun or just need a change of scenery, now is the perfect time to consider a Caribbean getaway. Now that the busy winter season is over, there are plenty of incredible spring, summer, and fall hotel deals to choose from.

Here are five of our favorite Caribbean destinations paired with five fun and affordableChoice Hotels® properties!



I’m in love with Aruba. I’ve been here four times and I’m already plotting my next trip back. From lounging on the beach to spending the day with flamingos, there’s something for everyone.

Aruba’s Eagle Beach is one of the most beautiful stretches of white sand beach in the Caribbean, and Aruba’s widest. It’s a perfect place for windsurfing, swimming, and other aquatic sports, and also for viewing sea turtle hatching during parts of the year.La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, an Ascend Hotel Collection® member, is located directly across from Eagle Beach, and boasts both an on-site casino and spa.


Great App Tips for Travelers

Traveling solo can be fun and extremely rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. As a female travel enthusiast, we either have to be lucky enough to find a partner that understands our travel preferences, join a group tour, or go alone.

I travel solo quite often, but I would be lying if I told you I’m always entirely comfortable with it. For instance, I just returned from a cruise to the Mediterranean, with one port stop in Istanbul. With all of the travel warnings lately regarding this city (and the devastating bombing that took place just a few days before we were scheduled to arrive) I was thankful I had the option of exploring this city with my cruisemates.

As rewarding as it is to explore alone, I do love meeting new people when I travel. Over the past several years, I’ve had tons of great experiences with new friends around the world. Often, these new friends turn out to be wonderful travel partners and we make plans to spend a portion of our trip together.

The toughest part about finding a travel partner, for me, is finding someone who enjoys a lot of the same

Let’s Tarvelling in China’s Breaking Glass Bridge

China’s newest glass bridge closed just 13 days after opening, due to an overwhelming number of visitors.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, in China’s Yunan Province, opened its record-breaking bridge on August 20. Since, the park has inundated with visitors coming to walk across the 1,115-foot glass bridge.

Park officials told CNN that while the bridge’s capacity caps at 8,000 per day, they have been swarmed with 10 times as many visitors every day. Access is limited to 800 people at a time.

(See photos of the bridge.)

The bridge’s management announced via Weibo, the Chinese social networking site, on Thursday that the bridge would close September 2 because of an “urgency to improve and update” the facilities. No accidents, problems or cracks in the bridge have been reported.

The closure came without much warning, although park officials had suggested moving the closure to September 5 to allow guests time to rework plans. Visitors who were planning on crossing the bridge over the weekend are not happy.

“I have booked everything and now you are saying you are closed… Are you kidding me?” one Weibo user wrote in response to the attraction’s statement.

During closures, the park will revamp its infrastructure, parking lots, ticket-booking system and customer service. At

Choose the Right Caribbean

The Caribbean is an amazing place to visit, partially because there are so many different islands and so many different cultures in such a relatively small area! If you want to relax, there are white and pink sand beaches; there are hundreds of miles of reef to explore if you’re looking to scuba; there are old forts and plantations for the history lovers.

With so many affordable options in the Caribbean — like Choice Hotels — it’s a perfect destination for any type of traveler. Before you choose an island, think about the kind of getaway you’d like to plan—your ultimate destination might just be a surprise!



If you’re interested in an island couples’ getaway, Puerto Rico might just be the perfect romantic destination for you. This island’s lush natural beauty and old Spanish charm make it a top honeymoon destination for many Caribbean-bound couples. During the day, enjoy lounging on the beach with a glass of Bacardi rum from the distillery in Cataño, or take a walk down the shaded Paseo de la Princessa. At night, salsa dance in the cafés of Old San

Live in Buckingham Will be A Esay Way

If you’ve ever dreamed of living like a queen, now’s your chance to make at least one part of that fairy tale come true: the Royal Household of England has a job opening for a housekeeping assistant. (Spoiler alert: this fairy tale includes some elements ofCinderella.)

As the online job description duly notes, “this is no standard housekeeping role.” That’s because, besides working in “stunning historic settings” and preparing them for “guests and, of course, the Royal Family,” this is a live-in job. That means you actually eat and sleep, full-time, at Buckingham Palace. You know, the sprawling London abode where Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Kate and the rest of the royal crew are known to hang out regularly.

So how can you snag the job? The description explains that experience in housekeeping is “by no means essential,” but you’ve got to be an excellent team worker, detail-oriented and a good communicator. In return, you get 33 days of holiday, all meals and accommodation provided for, along with other benefits.

Oh, and about that salary: it comes to about $22,000 a year, which may not sound like much, but again: you get to live in Buckingham Palace and casually stumble upon Prince

Something About Mauritius

These were just a few of the questions Scott and I received from friends before our departure to Mauritius last month. We had a general idea of where the island is located, but I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t have decent answers to the rest of these questions.

The island of Mauritius is a somewhat well-known destination in Europe, but it’s not frequented by too many Americans or Canadians. It’s located 2,000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, so it can be quite a trek for those traveling from the United States or Canada. (It took us about thirty to thirty-five hours to travel from San Diego to Mauritius). That’s not to say this destination is not worth the long hours in the air.

Mauritius is an entire nation of immigrants, many of which are from India. The official language of the island is English, however, more people speak French and Mauritian Creole. The fact that almost all of the locals speak English makes this an ideal destination for English-speaking travelers. Creole is the informal language and is spoken in homes and between friends. This language was created by the slaves in the 18th